Mastering Video Poker with Ted Knuden
Mastering Video Poker with Ted Knuden
Mastering Video Poker with Ted Knuden

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Mastering Video Poker with Ted Knuden

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Video Poker Rules

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This page is fully dedicated to video poker rules. If you know how table poker works, you won't find much here that you didn't already know. I would suggest that you visit the strategy page, where you can learn how exactly you can apply your knowledge to be a successful player. If, however, you have no clue as to what poker even is, this is a good place to start. The first thing to understanding a game is to understand the rules. The page is laid out into a couple of sections: what constitutes a win and what to look for when starting up.

When you're knew to video poker, the game can seem quite confusing, especially if you're not familiar with the game of poker. Learning video poker to me was a piece of cake since I already knew the rules of table poker and had my own strategy laid out; however, you don't need to worry if you're not that prepared. That's what this site is for.

Really, the only similarity between table poker and video poker is the fact that in each case you're trying to make a winning hand. You're dealt a hand to begin with and choose the cards you want to keep and which of those you'd like to replace. In the case of table poker, the winner is the one with the best hand on the table. In video poker, you're not playing against anyone - just the payout table. So, in a way, you have a few more chances to win, because there is nobody else to beat your hand.

Part of video poker rules is knowing how to operate the machine. It's not a difficult task if you know what you're looking for. The only two instances that the rules would apply in is when looking at the coin denominations and how many of those coins to use. I have explained both below, but let's take a look at the winning card combinations first.

Video Poker Hands

There are several card combinations that can win you some money. All the hands below are ranked in order from the best hand possible to the least rewarding. One thing to note about this rank is that the best hand is also the most difficult to get, therefore always having the highest payout rate. The last hand on the list is the most common, therefore having the worst payout rate of all.

Royal Flush
The Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and the Ten of any one suit.

Straight Flush
Any five cards in sequence of one suit.

Four of a Kind
Four cards of the same rank.

Full House
Three cards of one rank, and two of another.

Any five cards of the same suit; the sequence doesn't matter.

Five cards in sequence of any suit.

Three of a Kind
Three cards of the same rank.

Two Pair
Two pairs of cards of the same rank.

Jacks or Better
Two cards (Jacks or better) of the same rank.

So, this was the first thing for video poker rules: the hands. Simple, right? There is, however, a little bit more to the game of video poker. The fact that it's a machine adds a few more things you need to follow if you'd like to play. I have outlined a couple of tips more rather than rules that you should be aware of.

Coins and Bets

These two are always good to look at before you even sit down at a machine. I have told you what you should look for in a machine to optimize your chances of winning, but it is equally important to see whether you can afford playing that particular machine based on the amount of money you have. A good combination of these two can yield some good results.

Coin Denomination
As is the case with slots, make sure you use the correct coins. It would be silly for someone to watch as you try to shove a dollar coin into a quarter slot; it just won't fit! To save yourself some embarrassment, read the signs on the machines. On another note, when choosing a machine make sure that you also pick one where the coin denomination is small enough for you to play the maximum coins. It is a smart thing to always bet the maximum, so that, should you hit the jackpot, you get the maximum payout.

Minimum Bets
You might have to play a certain minimum bet that might be different from the obvious thing; make sure you read on what it is or else you won't get very far with the game. Betting the minimum can only get you a fraction of the payout, that is if you even get the jackpot. Most machines won't let you win the jackpot on a minimum bet, and some don't give you a chance to win big unless you bet big. This is never said or written anywhere in the casino, but it is an important thing to know. Many individuals have been playing the machines hoping to win big, but without having the chance to.

Hopefully, the contents of this page have helped you better understand what the game is all about. Now that you are familiar with the rules, you can use them to your advantage. As I said earlier: video poker rules are not difficult to learn, it's all in how you use them to come out on top. Visit the other pages for some interesting strategy tips and more information about the game. While you're at it, you can also try my free game to practice your skills.

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