Mastering Video Poker with Ted Knuden
Mastering Video Poker with Ted Knuden
Mastering Video Poker with Ted Knuden

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Mastering Video Poker with Ted Knuden

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How To Play Video Poker

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Learning how to play video poker isn't very difficult; it's a matter of following a few simple rules and overall, knowing how to operate the machine itself to get the results you want. Being familiar with the slots might be of little advantage here, since the game is entirely different; on the other hand, having played the slots you might be more comfortable with using the video poker machine, since they're both built similar. Whichever case might apply to you, it won't make much of a difference. The contents of this page include everything that you might expect from the moment you walk up to a machine until you leave.

The Equipment

First, let's get to know the little bits and pieces that make up the video poker machine; the machine itself, the types and number of coins you'll need to use, and the display that you'll be intercting with.

The first thing you need is to select a machine that is suitable for you. You might think that's an easy task; however, there are so many different video poker machines in any given casino, it makes choosing among them very hard. This is where a little bit of knowledge comes in. I have explained everything you need to know about picking the right machine here.

Once you've selected what you'd like to play - and I can trust that you have read all of the information pertaining to that machine very carefully and you know what to expect - insert the coins. Because of the large variety of video poker machines out there, you can expect the coin slot to be in a different spot in each case; the most common places are at either side of the machine.

The interfaces are almost never the same when is comes to the machines; it does not, however, create any obstacles when you want to learn how to play video poker the reason being that every interface is designed in a way that even the most inexperience gambler can understand it. So, don't worry about the complexity of the screen, just examine it carefully and you'll be sure to understand.

The Game

There are three basic steps to every video poker game. Understand this, and you're half-way to playing a good game.

Here's how the game works:

  1. You are dealt five cards out of a 52-card deck (53 if a jack is used).

  2. You then have a chance to improve your hand - you have to identify which cards you want to keep and which of those you'd like to replace by drawing more. This is the area where a good video poker strategy fits in. It is not a necessity, but if you'd like to get something more out of the game than just plain fun (money), it's a good idea.

  3. The computer, then, deals replacements for the cards you didn't want and you either win or you lose.

It's that simple! Can you imagine that some of the pro video poker players play 100 hands an hour? That wouldn't be possible were the game any more complicated, but due to its simplicity, you can play at a fast pace - if you've got the skills, that is; going at such a pace requires quick thinking. One thing to keep in mind when playing is to make sure you have a good strategy that works for the game you've chosen to play.

Learning how to play video poker is one thing but learning how to play successfully is another, which requires a bit more effort and knowledge. Playing a smart game involves everything - from picking the machine, to how to use the coins, to which cards to keep and which ones to discard. For more information, go to the strategy page. Other than that, enjoy the game and good luck. Try my free video poker game.

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