Mastering Video Poker with Ted Knuden
Mastering Video Poker with Ted Knuden
Mastering Video Poker with Ted Knuden

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Mastering Video Poker with Ted Knuden

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Online Video Poker

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To tell you the truth, video poker is probably the only game that I prefer to play online rather than at a casino. Although I personally love the excitement and energy rush of all that goes on at the magical place, playing video poker online gives the player an entirely different experience. The graphical display is unlike that of the actual machines and much better at that. Because of the nature of online video poker and the fact that the screens that everything is being viewed on are of better quality than the ones used at a casino, the entire show takes on a much nicer appeal. Home computers nowadays come with high quality sound and video cards, which only add to the experience. The visual effects are excellent as are the audible additions that draw you even further into the game.

Ok, I see that I've drifted a little with my experiences playing online video poker. I tend to that that once in a while with things I take great interest in. I have told you in the other pages of this site that the choice of machines is never-ending, and I meant it. But what do you suppose the case is with the online version? Some of you might know - even more! The internet is an excellent source of information and entertainment, which of course includes gaming. So many graphic designers try to come up with something better, different, and more eye-catching; thus, the result of thousands and thousands of online games.

The internet also offers a few options on exactly what kind of online video poker you want to play. Do you want to win some money or is it just for fun? I doesn't matter what category you're in, because there's tons to satisfy both. Of course, usually when playing these games to win, you'll be required to pay, just as you would in a casino at one of their machines. You can, however, find the odd online video poker game that is free and also offers a possibility to win prizes, which usually come in the form of casino credits - just as good as money. What more could you possibly ask for?

Aside from playing this version of poker on your own computer being fun, it can also be a good source of education. Practice makes perfect, right? Video poker isn't any exception to that rule. Although there are only a few rules to be learned, a player must acquire some skills to be able to play a good game. Every step of the way, players have choices, and it's how they make them that decides the next step. Online video poker, especially when it's offered free, is the best way to obtain those skills and eventually, you'll build up your own poker intuition.

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